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TX-20DCDR-100 Double column X RAY
Detector type: TFT whole board amorphous silicon flat panel detector.
Detector panel size: 430㎜ x 430㎜.
The effective imaging size of the detector: 17×17 inches.
Product Detail


1. Flat panel detector

1. Detector type: TFT whole board amorphous silicon flat panel detector

2. Detector panel size: 430㎜ x 430㎜

3. The effective imaging size of the detector: 17×17 inches;

4. Detector acquisition pixel matrix: ≥3072×3072;

5. Detector pixel pitch: ≤146 um;

6. Detector spatial resolution: 3.7LP/MM;

7. Pixel gray scale: 16Bit;

8. Image acquisition and transmission time: 3s;

2. High frequency and high voltage generator

1. Maximum output power: 50kW;

2. Input power: 380VAC three-phase

3. Output voltage: 40~150kV;

4. Tube current range: 10~800mA;

5. Exposure time range: 1ms-10000ms

6.mAs range: 0.1mAs~1000mAs;

7. Support AEC, APR automatic exposure;

8. Fault self-diagnosis and display;

3. X-ray tube assembly

1. Focus design: 0.6mm/1.5mm

2. Nominal power: 21kVA/52kVA

3. Maximum KV: 150kV

4. Anode target angle: 12°

4. Flat bed for filming

1. The longitudinal movement range of the bed panel: ±130 mm;

2. The lateral movement range of the bed surface: ±280 mm;

3. The longitudinal movement range of the bed panel detector is ±300 mm;

5. Vertical chest rack

1. The vertical movement range of the vertical chest radiograph frame: 1400±20 mm;

six. photo frame

1. Rotation range of tube assembly: ≥±90°; positioning every 90°;

2. The horizontal movement range of the camera frame: 1640±20 mm;

3. Vertical movement range of the camera frame: 1180±20 mm;

7. AEC (optional)

1. Number of detection fields: 3;

2. Tube voltage range: 40-150KV

3. Light time range: 1ms-10s

8. Wire grid and beam limiter

1. Grid material: aluminum base grid;

2. Size: 18×18 inches (48×48cm)

3. The grid-to-grid ratio is 10:1;

4. Density: 215C;

5. Grid focal length: 180cm;

9. Image acquisition/processing and diagnostic workstation software functions

1. Chinese interface, standard DICOM3.0 image;

2. Image acquisition workstation functions: adjust or preset window width/window level, local automatic window width/window level, preset window width/window level, positive and negative image flipping, image flipping, rotation, image enlargement and roaming, image interpolation Edge enhancement, local enlargement, restoration of original image annotation, text/number annotation, image marking, ruler line segment measurement, square/circle measurement, arbitrary shape measurement, angle measurement, automatic electronic cropping, image stitching, exposure index (Exposure Index) collection and display.

3. Special image acquisition control software package, special part protocol processing software package;

4. With patient management, image acquisition, image processing (image correction, image flipping, USM sharpening, image filtering), image observation (providing image observation tools, measurement tools), image stitching;

5. Image printing: DICOM printing, paper printing, manual selection and printing of displayed images, single-key selection of marked image printing, selection of different printing devices, film format and number of prints, print queue control, stop/start preset settings ;

6. User personalized settings: display format and layout, default value settings, toolbar settings, part protocol enhancement filter;

7. Image display: The display configuration supports 1920×1080, high-definition display.

10. Workstation

1.CPU: intel i5, above 3GHz;

2. Host memory: ≥8GB DDR4

3. Hard disk: large-capacity high-speed hard disk 1T/7200rpm;

4. Workstation monitor: 24" IPS LCD monitor;

5. Communication network card and network interface: 1000M network card, 1000M network interface, Jumbo Frames: 9K;

6. DICOM3.0 interface;

7. Windows 10 64 bit SP1 (Professional Edition or higher)

Configuration list:

No. Part Name Quantity Unit Remarks

1 high voltage generator 1 set

2 X-ray tube assembly 1 piece

3 flat panel detectors 1 set

4 film flat bed 1

5 chest racks 1 set

6 tube uprights 1 set

7 video workstations 1 set

8 acquisition software 1 set

9 beam limiter 1

10 grids 1 piece

11 2 high voltage cables

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