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The obstetric table supplier will make you understand why the obstetric table has armrests
 Jan 17, 2023|View:1966

In ancient times, people used "the gate of hell" to describe women giving birth. Even if medical technology is so advanced today, the damage it causes to women's bodies is still not to be underestimated. To help women give birth, people come up with all kinds of tricks but also developed a lot of professional equipment, and the obstetric table is one of the most important components. People who have seen an obstetric table, as long as they are careful enough, should find that it is different from the general household bed: some of its areas can be adjusted up and down in height, there are pedals underneath, and there are handrails on both sides. As a professional obstetric table supplier, this article will detail the reasons why maternity beds all have armrests.

obstetric table

1. The importance of the obstetric table in normal labor.

Data shows that since the introduction of the obstetric table, the probability of a woman having an accident during the second stage of labor has decreased by 16%, and the average length of labor has decreased by 23 minutes. Even obstetricians and gynecologists say that they cannot guarantee the smoothness of the second stage of labor if they leave the obstetric table, and there are countless derivative problems.

The internationally accepted delivery position is supine, also commonly used in domestic hospitals. This position is not the best choice, but it is the most convenient for medical staff to deal with fetal and maternal problems, and the obstetric table has been developed for it.

During labor, the midwife will ask the woman to sit half on the bed, with her upper body close to the bed, her feet on the pedals, and her hands on the handrails. All this is to help distract the woman and ease the pain of contractions.

By venting the force elsewhere, the sensitivity of the pain nerves is dramatically reduced, similar to the principle of the action of biting something in the mouth to relieve pain in movies.

As the contraction proceeds, the mother must match the contraction's force with her force, and according to the descriptions of those who have been there, she needs to learn to leave the pain behind. Theoretically, as long as there are no force majeure accidents, every healthy woman who listens to the medical staff can complete the second stage of labor within 1-2 hours, and a fast one may be able to give birth in half an hour or so.

2. common mistakes women make during the second stage of labor, be careful not to get trapped.

For first-born mothers, childbirth is a completely new field. Even if they have done a good preparation beforehand, when lying on the obstetric table, the tension and severe pain will destroy their sanity and make all kinds of "stupid" behavior.

(1) Yelling and screaming, unable to control their emotions.

This is a normal human performance, but some women are completely unable to control their emotions and have been screaming, which will disrupt their breathing rhythm, so they can not perfectly control the independent force, invariably prolonging the second stage of labor, you know, every second of delay, means that the mother will have to suffer a more, take a risk.

(2) Use breath-holding to suppress pain.

Some women involuntarily hold their breath during contractions, hoping to reduce the pain, but studies have shown that this practice is ineffective and can exacerbate the pain. When women hold their breath, their muscles become engorged with blood, which increases nerve sensitivity and makes them feel more pain. In addition, holding their breath can cause a lack of oxygen inside the body, which can cause the mother to lose strength without realizing it and, in severe cases, force a cesarean delivery. It is recommended to learn the "Lamaze breathing technique" before delivery to relax the nerves and muscles, which has been proven to be very effective in relieving pain.

(3) Eager to get rid of the pain and haphazardly force.

We understand that women want to get rid of the pain as soon as possible, but giving birth is not like squeezing toothpaste. The stronger you are, the faster the birth will be. The correct way is to breathe deeply under the midwife's direction and then to force when the contractions intensify, rest and force again, and repeat the process until the fetus is about to be delivered.

These are the reasons there are handrails on the obstetric table. If you need more detailed information, please feel free to contact us!