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We can produce medical ventilator machine, mechanical ventilator etc. All products are approved by ISO9001, ISO13485 and CE certificate.


As one of the leading ventilator manufacturers and suppliers in China, we warmly welcome you to buy high quality ventilator.

  • TX-510S Emergency Transport Ventilator


    Ventilator Modes
    A/C-V with sigh, A/C-P, SIMV-V, SIMV-P
    • Tidal Volume: 0~2000 ml 
    • Respiration Rate: 
    1~120 bpm (A/C mode) 
    1~40 bpm (SIMV mode)
  • TX-9030 Ventilator


    Ventilation mode:CPAP  S  T  S/T  PC  AVAPS
    Frequence Adjusting range: 3/min-40/min
    Increment: 1/min
    Inspiration time Adjusting range: 0-3s
    Increment: 0.1s
  • TX-BJYA-VG55 Ventilator


    High-Flow Therapy (HFT)
    An air/oxygen blender, allowing for 21% to 100% FiO2, generates up to 60L/min flow. HFT has been approved as an effective treatment of acute respiratory failure. Since 2011, the application of HFT has been increasingly high in the clinical field.
  • TX-GGZ-AD-I Children CPAP System Medical Ventilator


    Bubble CPAP is a sort of special medical equipment for supporting of babies’ breath which devised and manufactured based on the wide application of closed continuous NCPAP in department of pediatrics. It uses on the course of ventilation treatment of Nasal-CPAP for premature, neonate, infant to chil...
  • TX-GGZ-AD-IA Children CPAP System Medical Ventilator


    1.It is easy to set the oscillating gas pressure from 3cmH2O to 10cmH2O through adjusting the CPAP pressure bar.
    2.The automatic regulating mechanism of water-level ensure the constant CPAP pressure.
    3.The dismountable chamber is very convenient.
  • TX-HXJ03 Ventilator


    1.15” TFT LCD touch screen displays the ventilation parameters, alarm information, and waveforms.
    2. Air compressor runs stably with low noise, creating a quiet environment for doctors and patients.
    3. Integration breathing circuit design.
    4. Multiple working modes such as volume control and pres...
  • Mechanical Ventilator TX-MDW-AK2000B2


    Display method:
    High-definition 10.4 TFT color LCD display

    Ventilation mode :

    Ventilation function:
    PEEP、SIGH、Standby, inhalation platform, inverse proportional ventilation
  • V6 ICU Ventilator Crius

    V6 ICU Ventilator Crius

    Electrial Interface
    Nurse call, USB, NET, RS232, VGA
    Interface Type
    Main patient outlet:ISO 22M/15F
    Oxygen inlet:DISS or NIST male