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Over bed table supplier takes you through the design concept of over bed tables in medical furniture
 Jan 18, 2023|View:227

With the increasing awareness of health and environmental protection, medical furniture must be strictly by national requirements. All the formaldehyde release plates must be in the green environmental protection of the prescribed indicators, environmental protection hospital furniture in the process of use, not only in the use of the process of the age of the human body and the environment harmless, in the production of furniture and recycling must also meet the requirements of environmental protection. The materials chosen should be energy-saving, low-consumption, and easy to recycle and reuse. As a professional over bed table supplier, this article will tell you more about the design concept of over bed tables in medical furniture.

over bed table

The over bed table of medical furniture differs from the over bed table commonly used at home. It is a specially customized over bed table for patients, so the clinic design should consider each department's different characteristics.

(1) Do not blindly recommend products to users;

(2) The design of the over bed table should be matched the style of the hospital environment;

(3) every angle over the bed table should be designed humanely and not appear to have right angles or sharp other areas.

Over bed table is closely connected with medical furniture, hospital design, patient health, good medical environment. People also have high requirements for the hospital environment and medical technology to avoid the environment in the hospital being too tight, monotonous, and boring. Any unpleasant smell further expands the psychological burden of patients. The bed table design should be more practical and humanized so that patients can feel the warmth and convenience of home during their medical treatment.

The above is the design concept of over bed table. If you need more detailed information, welcome to contact us!