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Electric operating table for sale | Notes on electric operating tables
 Jan 13, 2023|View:153

We have electric operating table for sale. electric operating tables are used in hospital operating theatres to perform surgery on various parts of the human body. They have all the functions of a comprehensive operating table, but also have the advantages of easy adjustment, the table can be moved back and forth, flexible operation, safety, and reliability. So when using an electric operating table, what operations do you need to pay attention to?

electric operating table for sale

When using an electric operating table, the operator should correctly start and release the brake on the base, and when stepping down the brake pedal next to the base, it should be moved under the fixing bar and fixed. This allows the equipment to be operated effectively when in use. The use of the equipment also requires the operator's attention to prevent unnecessary injuries such as electric shocks, tilting, and pinching, and therefore the operator should operate it with the correct operating instructions.

When operating the electric operating table, the operator should follow the relevant operating instructions for proper use. When using the equipment, do not place heavy objects on the power cord, as this may prevent the equipment from operating properly and the equipment should be operated carefully.

The above are the precautions for electric operating tables, hope to help you better understand our products, if you are looking for electric operating table for sale manufacturers, you can contact us directly.