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Two-function hand crank bed TX-13101A-M
Steel electrostatic spraying bed frame.
ABS head/footboard Aluminum side rails.
Two Function Manual Hospital Bed.
Product Detail

Specification of two function hand crank bed:

1. Overall Size: 2125*970*500mm

2. Castors:5”(125mm)

3. Two function hand crank bed weight capacity:180kgs in movement

4. Steel electrostatic spraying bed frame

5. ABS head/footboard Aluminum side rails

6. Two Function Manual Hospital Bed

7. Backrest tilting from 0°to 75°±5°

8. Footrest tilting from 0°to 40°±5°

9. 4pcs 5” standard castors (two with brake)

10. 1 pair of aluminum side rail

11. 2pcs ABS head/footboard

12. 4pcs urine hooks, I.V pole

13. 2 sets crank system

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