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4k laparoscope for sale | 4k laparoscope versus 3D laparoscopy
 Dec 16, 2022|View:156

As science and technology continue to innovate, there are more and more 4k laparoscopes for sale, but some questions have surfaced about what to expect in clinical practice: how to choose between a 4k laparoscope and a 3D laparoscope? We compare the following three points.

4k laparoscope for sale

1. Feedback from surgeons

The 4k and 3D systems differed more markedly in terms of resolution, resolution, and operational sensation scores, with the 4k laparoscope having the most advantage in terms of resolution and color and the 3D laparoscope having the advantage in terms of aspect.

The feedback from the surgery showed that the surgeons did not experience a significantly better sense of space with the 3D laparoscope than with the traditional laparoscope and that the lack of depth was not significantly demanded by the experienced surgeons who have been engaged in laparoscopic surgery for a long time and whose rich experience in laparoscopic operations can compensate for the lack of depth.

2. The first assistant

The first assistant is responsible for assisting the surgeon throughout the operation in the operating room, including preoperative and postoperative examination and preparation, and his subjective perception is second only to that of the main surgeon. There were differences in the ratings of the first assistant in terms of visual fatigue, operational coordination, resolution, operational perception, and frame rate in the study, with the 4k laparoscope having the most advantageous operational coordination and resolution, while the 3D laparoscopic visual scored low in fatigue, but excelled in aspect.

The findings for the first assistant showed strong visual fatigue and a tendency to vertigo during 3D laparoscopy, while the 4k laparoscope had a lower incidence, often because the first assistant's standing position was usually not directly in front of the screen, and the special requirements of 3D imaging for viewing angle caused severe discomfort; while in the 4k laparoscope procedure, the 4k laparoscope screen is a 2D image, the image is not distorted and visual fatigue is significantly lower. In addition, the first assistant often needs to constantly switch views according to the anatomical position of the main surgeon, etc., so visual fatigue is strongest for 3D laparoscopy.

3. Laparoscopic manipulator

The laparoscopic handlers are important because they are the eyes of the entire surgical team. There were statistical differences in the ratings of visual acuity, resolution, sense of manipulation, operator distance, and contrast in the handlers' feedback data, with the 4k laparoscope having the most advantageous visual acuity, resolution, and contrast, and the 3D laparoscope still being longitudinal.

The data from the findings in the hand-held group suggest that the 4k laparoscope has an advantage over the 3D laparoscope in visual acuity, resolution, and contrast, and the 3D laparoscope has an advantage in aspect. This may be due to the fact that the laparoscopist is primarily responsible for intraoperative visual field presentation tasks and is therefore more sensitive to picture quality indicators such as visual acuity, resolution, and contrast.

In summary, and taking into account the results of studies of different users in the operating room, the advantages of 3D laparoscopy are in spatial, longitudinal, and operational sensitivities, while the 4k laparoscope camera system offers BT.2020 color standard, image resolution above 3840 X 2160, higher visual sensitivity, and better recognition of tissue such as lymph nodes, fine vessels, lymphatic vessels, neurovascular It provides a clearer and more detailed view of the surgical field, with greater recognition of structures, operational coordination, visual acuity, resolution, color and refresh frequency than 3D laparoscopy.

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