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TX-21-2200 DRF C-Arm X Ray
Product Detail





Features and Performance description


High voltage generator


Nominal power: 50KW; camera tube current:10mA~630ma; continuous perspective tube current: 0.5mA~ 6mA: puise fiuoroscope current: 1mA ~8m: exposure current time product: 0.1mas-630mas: fluoroscope ms range: alarm after 5 minutes. stop paying off after 10 minutes; camera tube voltage: 40kV~150kV; fluoroscope voltage: 40kV~125kv; can be drectly connected to the network line for remote fault diagnosis and maintenance.


X-ray tube assembly


The results show that: double focus 0.6mm/1.2mm; power 20/50KW; maximum current 700mA; maximum photography votage 150kV; fluoroscope maximum voltage 125kv; target angle 12*;permanent fitration 0.9mm Al/75KV; anode thermal capacity 210kj (300khu)


High voltage cable


Withstand voltage 75KV; Length: 3m


Mobile C-arm framet


The siding ancie ofC-arm alono the arc rack ofarm support is notless than 110*:Therotation anale of C-arm along the hortrontal axis is not less than+180*;The C-arm moves up and down in the vertical direction, and the travel distance is not less than 350 mm TheC-arm moves up and down along the vertical direction with automatic limit function

The focus imace recelver distance(SD)of C-arm: 1000mm. deviation vake:+5% Maximum vertical deoth from X-ray beam center to C-arm arc wat:500mmMinimumdistance between X-rav source assembly shel and image receiver: 800mm Mobile performance

a)The braking force of digital mobileC-arm X-ray machine on flat cement ground is not less than 200N;

b)The digital mobile C-arm X-ray machine moves on the fiat cementground, and its starting push (pull) force is not more than 250N Sports protection:Foot type mechanical brake


X-ray imagingsystem

CareView 560RF

Ceslum lodide amorphous siicon fiat piate. picel matrtc 1536x1536 pxeis; imaging area: 236mmx236mm; pixel size: 154 u m; spatial resolution:

3.310/mm: ADconversion: 16bits: MTF:60%@1b/mm28%P/mm12%@3p/mm: DOE:70%@0.5l/mm. >60% @1b/mm >43% @2P/mm>20%@3b/mm; maximum frame rate in various photography modes: 13/ps01536 x153630tps@768X 768; dynamic range:>80dB; imaging time: photographic imaging time is not more than 5S, fluoroscope imaging time is not more than 1s.


image acquisition workstation(including software)


DICOM3.0 standard; the reference exposure parameters of each body position can be directly called out from the software for doctors to adjust the panel exposure parameters of high voltage generator; digital photography function can be configured with positive and negative image acquisition dntal real-time persnective functior: real-time automatic window width and window level adiustment: realtime adoe enhancement: ftin and rotation can be selected according to different positions; patient information/examination information can be displayed information / device information /image inormation; real-time prompt system can store the number of images; real-time automatic ROl clipping

Under the hiahest pulse fluoroscoov frame rate. the imace stablitv time is no more than 2S: the imane brighiness stabiitv is not more than 15% with the automatic perspective function; the photography under the maximum field of view: 75KV, 80mA, 5mas, and the number of distinguishable dynamic wedoes is not less than 16:

Under the maximum field of vision: 50kV,3mA. the number of distinguishable dynamic step wedges shall not be less than 15; the maximum fuoroscopic image acquisition rate shall not be less than 25 frames/s. Hardware configuration:

CPu:5-7500 or aboveMemone 4G or above. Ba is acommended

Graphics card:GPU NVIDIA geforce GTX 750ti /p620 (GPU computing power above 5.0) Hard disk:1TMotherboard: 1 graphics card slot, 1 pci-ex16 / pci-ex4 or gigabit network card Displav:1600*1200resolutionOperating software: windows7. windows10 (64 bit)


Vibrating grid


The gate ratio is 10:1; 40lp/cm; the size is 25* 25cm


Beam limiter




Monitoring device(optional)

DAP;AK:AKR dynamic monitoring; real time display: high dose prompt; over dose stop exposure



Registration certificate, instruction, product certificate.

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